Word for thought

It’s funny how often people will say things that just don’t make sense. By funny I don’t mean haha I mean odd and puzzling. Otherwise thoughtful progressive people get overpowered by mainstream sayings. I remember when getting called queer was an insult. It certainly still can be but there is also a movement to take ownership of the word that has instilled it with a sense of pride. When we relate to a word, feel that in some way it describes a part of us, we need to speak up when we hear its misuse. Sometimes we get so brainwashed by overexposure that a word appears to be less degrading than it should. I spend a lot of time choosing my battles because there’s only so much you can take on without coming across as a prude; however, there is no such thing as less degrading. If something is meant to belittle, insult and disrespect in any way shape or form it is not assigned a level of degradation, it is just plain old degrading. Just like discrimination is discrimination, degradation is degradation. Therefore, even sayings that mean to degrade but are so overused that they now seem less insulting need to be eradicated. The biggest thing is probably just raising awareness and not being a blind follower, or in this case a deaf follower. If you hear something that doesn’t sit well with you address it right then and there when it is being said. The past year or so I’ve been hearing lots of people, including friends using the word pussy in a way that makes it sinonymous with weak, inferior, sissy etc. “What are you a pussy?” “Come on you pussy” “I don’t want to sound like a pussy or anything, but…” It made me feel pretty horrible hearing it but it took me a while to figure out how to address it as I thought at first that I was just being too uptight. No way, it’s a horrendous thing to say if you just think about it even briefly. It entails referring to a body part unique to cisgendered females and connecting that body part with weakness and inferiority. First of all, that body part pushed your fatass head out of it, it bleeds every 20 odd days in order to enable birth to take place in the first place and survives getting god knows what shoved up it. If you are going to denote a body part as being weak please refer to something that IS actually weak. For instance, my pinky toe, what the fuck does that do? I stub that little guy and I’m certainly humbled for a few seconds. Yeah, weak describes it; I can barely move the thing and the only time I ever notice it is when it’s in pain. Going back to pussy, I just find it interesting that it is so easily thought of as weak after all that it is capable of surviving when cisgendered men waste minutes wincing away whenever anything strikes their genitals. That’s not considered weak at all though because our society considers that actual pain. I feel a pain every month for several days that is pretty fucking debilitating but I am made to feel shameful about showing that I am in any pain for fear of being thought of as weak. Oftentimes a woman’s pain is made into a joke, mocked or thought of as being “in the head”. One thing I do know is that the next time I hear anyone use the work pussy in that manner I’m going to ask them what they mean because it doesn’t make any sense.

Oh, and here’s a hilarious and beautiful video by Guantes:


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