Travel and all that jazz


There’s nothing like exploring a place for the first time. If it’s a place you plan on staying for a while you can’t help but think of how different it’s going to feel as time goes by. And it certainly is a feeling; there’s this sense when you’re walking down a new street, a mixture of excitement, curiosity and fear. All of your senses are heightened. Nothing gets your heart pumping like the unknown. The next time you head down this street these feelings will be completely different. You can never go back. The world is a big enough place to feel this way all the time. This doesn’t necessitate having loads of money and constantly traveling to exotic places. It could be as simple as taking a different route home, trying the bus, or just carrying on a conversation with a stranger. Chances are your best friend used to be a stranger. We’re fed a lot of bs about how dangerous our world is. A fearful people are more likely to blindly comply with their government and allow for business as usual in the corporate world. A lot of our spending habits are dictated by fear; we buy harmful creams because we are afraid of aging, we buy alarm systems because we are afraid of our neighbors, we buy life insurance because we are afraid of how the world will treat our families after the inevitable. This constant fear creates a numb people of docile and compliant nature who rarely leave home. If we don’t leave home we don’t see solutions and we start to believe there are none. There’s no better way to keep people in line. Our idea of a vacation has become an overpriced “package” that dictates our every move. Real travel is spontaneity. Real travel is getting to know the locals and not isolating your self at a tourist resort. Real travel isn’t eating out every night but learning how to cook some of the local dishes yourself. If you’ve really traveled then you will go home with more than just pictures, stories and souvenirs; in fact, you might only have a few pictures and maybe even no souvenirs. What you will have is ideas that have led to a new perspective. That is incomparable to something you will tuck away in an album or display on a shelf. It’s not something you will fondly remember but something that you will live. Real, genuine travel doesn’t end when you get back home.


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