Another day another dollar

Thank you I genuinely appreciate you calling me over to tell me to do the very thing that I have been killing my ass doing for the past three hours. You inform me that if I have some spare time I should help tape up the boxes for the person on the belt next to mine. Spare time? That would be nice. The reason I haven’t had any is because I have been racing over to their belt to help them tape up said boxes. Despite the fact that I’ve been helping him, this lazy fuckwit says absolutely nothing as he stands around. I let you know that I have been doing just that, that after 3 weeks I maybe have picked up a thing or two believe it or not but you don’t seem to hear me. Listening is not your thing; you’re kind of like a one way street. After all, you’re kind of a hot shot. Been here 5 maybe 10 years, you know the drill. You got gummi’s clogging up your veins. Packing candy worms into bags and then into boxes and then taking them out of boxes is kind of your thing. We’ve all got things don’t we? But you see, some of us also have lives. As luck would have it some of those lives are also somewhat fulfilled so that we don’t feel the need to take shit out on our coworkers. Asswipe number two, what gives? I make you boxes, I deliver said boxes, you point your finger with a smidge of rage as you growl at me. What’s up your ass? Are you just pissed that I don’t do more of your job for you? It’s really too bad that I can’t read your mind, hell it’d probably serve me better if I could read grunts and snorts at this joint. And another thing. I’m trying to eat lunch. You’re 65. Don’t say the shit that you say. What kind of boss says they’re going back to their hometown for the first time in 18 years and then brags about how you never know, maybe a few 17 year olds will come up to you saying you’re their long lost father. Winking five times in our direction doesn’t actually make it funnier. Actually saying something funny would be a better start. I’ll deal with it for the time being because I’ve got student loans that I’m determined to pay off. You brag to me about saving up for months to go on a weeks vacation to some exotic place but I can’t help but pity your phony attempt at escape. Survival requires a few necessities and that’s it. You’d be surprised how much a couple grand could sustain you. It’s clear to see that your expensive lifestyle causes you a bit too much pain, about 40 hours a weeks worth. Me you ask, well this is a means to an end. I pay off my debt, save a couple grand and start living broke and free. I have hobbies outside of this prison that require very little monetary funding, I’m thrifty as fuck and I’m not a robot. I don’t need to belittle other human beings to feel better about my place in this world. I don’t yell your name out like I’m ordering at a fast food place because I don’t think people should be treated like side dishes. It’s quite simple, if you don’t want to be treated like an incompetent fuck, then good, don’t treat others like that, you incompetent fuck. Despite my goings on I must admit that you’re a lot more chill than day shift.


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