Day Vs Afternoon Shift

I don’t do this often but I’m going to generalize a whole lot here. I have worked at an array of different jobs: warehousing, construction, laboring, landscaping, retail, food service, caregiving, delivery etc etc and after ten years of observation I have come to a conclusion. In general, afternoon shift (anywhere from 1pm-11pm) folks tend to be much more chill than day shift (anywhere form 5am-5pm) folks. This generalization isn’t exactly cross cultural as I’ve only worked in the United States and Australia it’s important to note. Day Shift (DS) is concerned with appearances. Way too concerned with appearances. If there’s not shit to do for a brief second and you’ve been working your ass off the last 4 hours why then are you so concerned with “looking busy” without actually doing anything that is benefiting your employer? Taking a deep breath and mentally recalibrating for a minute is oftentimes more beneficial than robotically sweeping up a tiny square of the warehouse that is going to be covered in who knows what in a matter of minutes regardless. Afternoon shift (AS) get this. They work hard and play harder. No, not sure why I said that, the playing is minimal, afterall it is a lousy job. But anyway, AS works hard, just like day shift, but for me it’s always been a bit harder, and that’s in a good way; the self driven, not always looking around to see if the boss is coming your way kind of hard work. AS is a bit more sustainable in that they don’t need that boss guiding their every move. I think more people step up to the plate on AS as well. AS is more of a you fill in wherever you see a vacancy instead of having some authority figure tell you where to stay put. Like I was joking with a coworker the other day about, we don’t get paid to think. I’ve found that thinking outside the sphere ends up causing me more harm than good at work for a number of reasons, but that this is more true when I work DS with the momma’s and the poppa’s who know a thing or two about laying down the law. Maybe that’s what it is. DS staff tend to have families and maybe because of that they are more set in doing things a single sighted way that they know works. I’ve noticed this trend with 5 or 6 jobs that I’ve had. And just because we have more fun on afternoon shift doesn’t mean we fuck up more (that’s graveyard’s job), in fact I feel there is actually more self monitoring done which minimizes this. Anyways, that’s all I’ve got.


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