T.V.’s Tainted Views

Too many people let the television tell them what they should care about. When you try to bring up an issue that won’t be found on their mainstream news station they either think you’re lying or just remain apathetic. Mainstream news conditions people to view the world through a very black and white, 2-dimensional lens. Their comfort is never questioned. Their instincts become obsolete. Their emotions are disposable for a buck. The same stories with the same whitewashed heroes get regurgitated and mixed in with some new footage. Us against them mentalities are not only encouraged but unavoidable. Mainstream news’s idea of informing people is to instill in them a sense of fear not power. If all you see is people in worse situations than yourself you are less likely to stand up against your own oppressors. A cultural numbness ensues and business as usual thrives. Disposable products are prescribed to get you through another numb day, another numb week. We trust the inanimate box in our living rooms more than we trust our own neighbors. We have more in common with our neighbors than we think, but this box scares us from ever finding this out. Because you see, this box puts our neighbors, and all of us, into a box. We are trained to assume things about the people we inhabit this world with. The horrible thing is that we are told this is for our own safety. You can find a warning label on just about anything these days,  food, electronics, pillows. I find it ironic that there are no such labels on televisions, one of the biggest stagnation’s of mental growth today.

Here’s a great video that continues the conversation with much more eloquency:


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