What I learned about myself from being threatened on a train

I was involved in something recently on the public trains here in Melbourne, Australia. Basically a white man in his late 20’s early 30’s came at me aggressively from another train carriage. Continue reading


Why catcalls are NOT flattering


So you think catcalls are a form of flattery do ya? You think that if women still get that kind of “attention” they should just be grateful? My guess is that if you think this way you are probably a man with a hidden entitlement complex. My second guess is Continue reading

Time to Adopt a new mindset

There’s a common sentiment that involves heavily pitying people that for whatever reason can’t biologically produce children themselves. I’ve always had trouble sympathizing with people that feel as if that type of situation is the end of the world, as if as humans we are just baby making machines and those of us that are unable are just somewhat less of a human. How absurd. Continue reading